Take a deep breath and meet…

Ben McEwing and Dr Ricci-Jane Adams, two spiritual beings having a human experience and delving into what it all means. In this podcast, we have a simple, yet endless purpose: to discover truth. Truth about love, relationships, sex and the sacred.

These topics are the currents that run through each episode of The Love Makers. We ask what, when, how, why and where do we experience deeper connections with ourselves and those around us on this sweet journey called life.

These experiences may come to us through the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual planes. That’s the fun part. Love appears to us in many forms, meaning we have lots to discuss. Lots to dissect. Lots to embrace. Lots to share. We’re all about the Love.

And so are our guests! We are blessed to attract a distinguished list of heart-centred, expansive-minded, light-working women and men with stories to tell. Learn more about them on our Guests page.

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition expert. Energetic Healer. Modern Day Priestess.

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Ricci-Jane Adams is an award winning writer, applied intuition expert, motivational speaker and transpersonal counsellor. She is author of the spiritual guidebook, The Yearning. She has spent over 20 years mastering how to open people to their own innate intuition so that they can live free and joyful lives.

Ricci-Jane teaches all around Australia. Her mission is connect as many people as she can get her hands on to the wisdom, the God voice, that resides inside everyone of us. We are all intuitive. And in decades of immersive learning and applied research, Ricci-Jane has created a system that powerfully connects people to their sixth sense.

Ben McEwing

Writer. Director. Storytelling Coach.

Ben McEwing

Ben is a five o’clock shadowed ball of fire dragon energy. With a heart. A big one! He’s finally embraced the truth about himself: he’s a male multi-tasker. Yes ladies, they do exist.

Ben’s type is with creative projects. He’s always got a slate of interesting activities on the boil. Whether he’s acting, writing, directing, coaching, running workshops, filming in helicopters, falling in rivers or eating at Sizzler, he’s always up for an adventure.

This is the source of his creativity. The common thread is that whatever Ben does is ultimately about communication. This is his passion: To help people be seen and heard. Witnessed. Not just people. People with hearts. Big ones! Ya feel me?